A Park in Waldorf, Maryland, Fall 1965


On a Sunday afternoon in early fall 1965, the Newports performed at park near Waldorf, Maryland. The event was sponsored WPGC, a popular AM rock station in Prince Georges County then. The owners of the park hoped to turn the pavilion into a major concert venue. Link Wray’s brother Ray Vernon had installed the PA system, and Ray dropped by the event (the Wray’s lived on a chicken farm in nearby Accokeek at the time). Time dulls the memory as to the precise location of the park and its name -- if anyone knows, please e-mail us and we’ll update this page.  

Here are some photos from that wonderful afternoon. Some of them are marginal quality, but still worth sharing, for they give a further picture of the Newports during the era when the Willett Brothers fronted the band.


People start to arrive as the Newports do a sound check.

Closeup: Charlie Willett (singer), Don Williamson (drums) Blaine Smith (guitar)


(L to R) Bill White (bass), Tom Willett (singing), Charlie Willett ( singing)
Don Williamson (drums), Blaine Smith (guitar)

Same lineup, with John Hurd in backline, playing Hammond


People enjoying the music and the beautiful afternoon, while the Newports play


Bill, Tom, Charlie, and Blaine

Bill, Tom, Charlie, John, Blaine, Don


Closeup: Tom, Charlie, and John



Bill, Tom, Charlie, and Blaine


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