In the summer of 1964, Newports sax player Greg Novik left to attend Johns Hopkins University. Earlier in the year, guitarist Larry Swacker had left to attend the University of Hawaii. Bill Behr had also left by now. The Beatles had appeared on Ed Sullivan on February 9, and by now the British Invasion was in full swing in America. The Newports decided to return to being a guitar-driven band, though continued to have a heart for R&B as well. Blaine Smith dropped playing his sax -- forever, as it turned out -- and from then on focused solely on guitar. Charlie Willett hadnít joined the band yet, and for a few months Tom Willett continued to front the band (outstandingly) by himself, along with the lineup you see below: John Hurd (Hammond organ), Bill White (bass), Don Williamson (drums, vocals), and Blaine Smith (lead guitar).  

During this period the band did a photo-shoot outside the Capitol building and on its steps (and amazingly, without getting chased off). We included some photos from that session in a publicity flyer that we used extensively after that, and which is shown below; it also provides some further detail on the band at this point in its history. Following it are a fuller set of photos from that memorable session at the Capitol. And following them are a couple of shots from a wedding reception we played that summer, which was held at the Bethesda Womenís Club.







Photo-Shoot at the Capitol, Summer 1964

These are photos we shot at the Capitol sometime in the summer of 1964, at least the ones we still have have.


John, Blaine, Tom, Don, Bill

Bill, Don, Tom, Blaine, John


Bill, Tom, Don, John, Blaine

Blaine, John, Don, Tom, Bill


John, Blaine, Tom, Bill, Don

Don, Bill, Blaine, Tom, John


Wedding Reception, at Bethesda Women's Club, Summer 1964

Finally, here are two photos from a wedding reception we played sometime during the summer of 1964. Sorry for the poor quality of the second.

(L to R) Bill (back to audience), Blaine, and John, with bridesmaids in front

Onstage (L to R): Bill, Tom, Don, Blaine, and John


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